ASIC Design Engineering and Verification Engineering Services

ASIC Engineering and Verification Services for Datacenter, Automotive Ethernet, Communications Infrastructure and Deep Learning AccelerationRianta Solutions offers ASIC SoC customers its ASIC Engineering Design and Verification Services,  ASIC IP Core and Verification IP(VIP) Products along with a full UVM verification environment that can be integrated with the customer’s sub-system or chip level environments. We also provide software IP and APIs for device drivers and SDKs in order to configure and manage the underlying Rianta IP blocks.  

Our Intellectual Property and Engineering Services specialize in applications for Datacenter Infrastructure, Communications Infrastructure, Automotive Networking, Security and Deep Learning Hardware Acceleration.

ASIC Engineering Design Services

ASIC Verification Engineering Services

Rianta’s ASIC, ASSP, and FPGA design service experts can work as part of your team, providing specialized services, or we can take full ownership of a complete turnkey project. We have engagement models to suit your needs, including fixed price and time & materials options. 


Rianta offers the following ASIC Design Services:

Expanding design size and complexity require a transformation of verification strategies and methodologies for complete verification of next generation devices. Our expert teams have years of experience with advanced automated verification environments, and have established a reliable track record of delivering complex ASICs and ASSPs. Since its inception, Rianta has developed 6 generations of increasingly sophisticated verification testbenches.

Rianta offers the following ASIC Verification Services:

Top Level Design and Simulation

  • Specification, Architecture, Design Partitioning
  • Technology Selection
  • RTL Coding Verilog/VHDL
  • Design Optimization
  • Design for reuse, multi-project design databases
  • Power and Gate Count reduction strategies
  • Floor Planning
  • Simulation using Verilog-XL, VCS, Verilog-NC
  • ECOs for last minute feature changes and timing closure
  • Project Management, Bug/Issue Trackers, Time Trackers, Revision Control
  • Automated Design and Verification using Rianta Tools

ASIC Verification Expertise

  • Functional Verification
  • Coverage Driven Verification
  • Constrained Random Verification
  • Assertion Based Verification
  • SystemVerilog Verification
  • Formal Verification
  • Testbench Development
  • Automated Verification Scripting


Synthesis, Timing Closure and Timing Analysis

  • Timing analysis and closure using Synposys, Vivado
  • Tcl, Perl scripting for constraint generation, synthesis and analysis
  • Low power optimization

ASIC Verification Tools

  • SystemVerilog
  • Specman
  • OpenVera
  • Synopsys/Cadence/Mentor CAD Tools
  • Rianta Automated Verification Tools


Design for Testability

  • Scan, BIST, JTAG insertion and verification
  • Test wrapper creation for 3rd party IP Cores
  • ATPG vector generation, conversion and verification
  • Design for Debug
  • Built-In pattern generators and analyzers for lab, field and manufacturing test

ASIC Verification Environments

Rianta offers complete, robust, automated testbenches for your ASIC or FPGA verification team. Our services include:

  • Design and Development of automated testbenches
  • Verification environments with UVM, OVM, VMM, SystemVerilog for complex SoCs

SoC Integration and Verification

  • Integration of 3rd Party and Rianta IP Cores
  • Top level and 3rd Party IP Core verification

SoC Integration and Verification

  • Integration of 3rd Party and Rianta IP Cores
  • Top level and 3rd Party IP Core verification