400G/800G Single Channel ASIC IP ideally suited for Ethernet interfaces in SoC Devices

Ottawa, Canada, September 22, 2020 - Rianta Solutions Inc., a leading supplier of advanced ASIC IP Cores for Ethernet, Security and Deep Learning announces RSm801™, a new 400G/800G Single Channel Ethernet PCS/FEC product addition to its IP portfolio targeting ASIC and SoC devices.  Rianta’s Ethernet IP packages serve both multi-channel and single channel applications for Datacenter, Networking and 5G Wireless infrastructure at rates ranging from 1G to 800G.

Rianta 1G, 10G to 800G single and multi channel MAC PCS FEC IP

The following Ethernet ASIC/SoC IP products are available immediately:

Rianta Product Number

Rianta IP Product Family


400/800G Single Channel Ethernet PCS/FEC (NEW)


100G/200G/400G Single Channel Ethernet MAC/PCS/FEC


200G/400G Single Channel Ethernet MAC/PCS/FEC


10G to 400G Channelized Ethernet MAC/PCS/FEC


1G to 200G Channelized Ethernet MAC/PCS/FEC


10G to 100G Single Channel Ethernet MAC/PCS/FEC


The Ethernet IP cores from Rianta Solutions provide best-in-class, fully-featured MAC/PCS/FEC/PMA blocks for ASIC, ASSP, and SoC designs. Implemented in System Verilog, these Ethernet cores are each available with an extensive UVM verification environment for integration and full chip validation testing as well as a complete software API/SDK for reduced time-to-market.

RSm Product Family High Level Features

  • Single port and Channelized solutions
  • Complete MAC/PCS/FEC/PMA solution portfolio for throughput of up to 800G (As described by IEEE802.3 and Ethernet Technology Consortium)
  • 1/10/25/40/50/100/200/400/800GE ports
  • Integrated FEC support (RS(528,514), RS(544,514), Firecode, Ethernet Technology Consortium Low Latency RS FEC)
  • Seamless PMD Interface to 10/25/50/100G Serdes
  • Cut-through architecture
  • Integrated RMON/MIB counters
  • Integrated 1588 timestamping support (1-step/2-step, Transparent/Boundary clock applications)
  • 802.3 PAUSE and 802.1Qbb Priority Flow Control (PFC) frame-based flow control support
  • 802.3br Interspersing Express Traffic (IET) Support
  • Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) Support
  • Exhaustive UVM verification environment and test suite
  • Complementary to Rianta's MACsec IP Cores with common framework

"The increasing bandwidth demands of Datacenter, Networking, 5G and Deep Learning require the need for innovative solutions such as 400G/800G PCS/FEC." said Richard DeBoer, Rianta's CEO. "Rianta continues to invest to provide best in class Ethernet controller solutions optimized for power, performance, and area with leading edge low latency for single channel 200G/400G/800G interfaces".

More information on this and other products are available at: Rianta IP Cores

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Rianta Solutions Inc. offers high quality IP Cores, Verification IP Products and Engineering Design and Verification Services for ASICs, SoC and ASSP designs to the world's largest semiconductor and hardware equipment vendors.

Rianta’s IP Cores and Verification IP are for Ethernet, Security and Deep Learning Acceleration applications. Our IP products and Engineering services are optimized for Datacenter Infrastructure, Communications Infrastructure and Automotive Networking.   

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