Broad MACsec IP Product Portfolio Addresses 1G to 800G Applications

Ottawa, Canada, August 18, 2020 - Rianta Solutions Inc, a leading supplier of high quality ASIC IP Cores for Ethernet, Security and Deep Learning announces a new 800G MACsec IP core targeting ASIC and SoC devices. Rianta’s RS_MCS800™  800G Ethernet MACsec IP package serves applications up to 800G for Datacenter, Hyperscalers, Enterprise Networking, and 5G Wireless Infrastructure.  

Rianta 1G to 800G MACsec IP Cores
Rianta adds new 800G MACsec IP for ASICs targeting Datacenter, Hyperscalers, Enterprise Networking, and 5G Wireless Infrastructure

This new IP core complements Rianta's MACsec IP Suite and MAC Product Family by leveraging a common hardware architecture and software framework.

The Rianta Solutions MACsec IP cores are best-in-class, fully-featured 1G to 800G channelized MACsec streaming processor cores supporting both LAN and WAN based Ethernet MACsec standards for ASIC, ASSP, and SoC designs.

Implemented in System Verilog, the MACsec IP is available with an extensive UVM verification environment for integration and full chip validation testing as well as a complete software API/SDK for reduced time-to-market.

The following products are available immediately:

Rianta Product Number

Rianta IP Product Family


1G Channelized Ethernet MACsec IP 


1G/10G Channelized Ethernet MACsec IP


1G/100G Channelized Ethernet MACsec IP


400G Channelized Ethernet MACsec IP


800G Channelized Ethernet MACsec IP (NEW)


High Level Features for RS_MCS800 MACsec IP Core

  • Easily integrated into a variety of datapath architectures for hyper-scaler, cloud service provider, and enterprise network applications.

  • 800G channelized MACsec IP core, compliant to the 802.1AE-2018 standard

  • Flexible cut-through architecture with optimized area and latency 

  • GCM-AES authenticated encryption and decryption using 128-bit and 256-bit keys with optional XPN

  • Packet preemption per port (IEEE 802.3br - Interspeed Express Traffic (IET))

  • Flexible buffering & scheduling options

  • Flexible parsing, classification, and filtering engines

  • Extensive MACsec statistics

  • Suitable for ASIC, ASSP, and SoC designs

  • Standalone UVM testbench

  • Environment for vertical integration (RSV_MACsec™)

  • Software API (RSS_MACsec™)

  • Complementary with Rianta’s MAC Product Family (RSm100,  RSm400,  RSm200CRSm400C) and other 3rd party MAC IP cores

"Rianta continues to push the security envelop with the release of our latest 800G MACsec IP product for next-generation Data Center and 5G wireless infrastructure applications", said Richard deBoer, CEO of Rianta. "Supporting world-class features with best-in-case PPA metrics in a highly configurable solution continues to enable our customers to develop leading ASIC and SOC solutions with time-to-market efficiency".

More information on this and other Rianta IP core products are available at: Rianta IP Cores

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