Rianta Solutions Inc. ("Rianta") offers customers its ASIC/SoC IP Core Products and ASIC/SoC Engineering Design and Verification Services along with a full UVM verification environment that can be integrated with the customer’s sub-system or chip level environment. We also provide software IP and APIs for device drivers and SDKs in order to configure and manage the underlying Rianta IP blocks. Our Intellectual Property and Engineering Services specialize in applications for Datacenter Infrastructure, Communications Infrastructure, and Automotive Networking.

Rianta Engineers ASIC/FPGA Design, Verification, Software, Ethernet, Automotive, AI Acceleration, Deep Learning

The Rianta Team 

Rianta Solutions LogoRianta was founded in 2012 and has profitably grown at over 50% per year. We have two design centers, one in Ottawa, Canada the other in Toronto, Canada.

The Rianta team has an average of over 15 years experience, delivering high quality, state of the art, semiconductor and systems solutions to leading Semiconductor Vendors and Datacenter Equipment Manufacturers.

We have a long history of successfully delivering large, high quality SoCs on the latest advanced silicon technology nodes. Our robust project planning, management, and risk mitigation skills ensure commitments are met.

We have a complete understanding of the full product lifecycle:

  • Definition/Architecture
  • Design/Verification
  • Backend Physical Design
  • Lab Validation
  • Production
  • Customer Support

The Rianta Logo Rianta Solutions Logo

Our Rianta Solutions logo is designed to represent our approach to partnering with our ASIC / SoC development customer. Rianta provides a multi-disciplinary team of IP, IP Design(Logic and Physical) and Verification engineering professionals that partner with our customer to deliver a Rianta system block solution within the customer's overall system.

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Rianta News

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Rianta Partnerships and Collaborations

Rianta collaborates with best in class companies to bring together the best solutions for our customers.

We have developed relationships with leading foundries, technology providers, joint OEM solution providers, channel partners, professional services providers and research groups.

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